Wednesday, November 29, 2017

How to keep healthy and sane while Mommying

As moms, it is really hard to remember to take care of ourselves. Some days you are just trying to make it out alive on the other side, with everyone fed and clothed. Not going to lie, often times my meals consist of eating the scraps of food that my children left on their plates with coffee as my only hydration. But with a little bit of effort, I've gathered some tricks to make sure that I take care of myself  throughout the day.

  • Drink water. This is so simple, but I often find that I am just chugging caffeinated beverages and not drinking enough water throughout the day.  I have a large water bottle with a straw (no idea why but having a straw makes me drink more) that I keep in my kitchen, another one on my desk in the office, and a stainless steel water bottle in my purse. I fill them in the morning and don't go to sleep until I have drank everything. Trust me, hydration does wonders on tired mommy skin.
  • Use your child as an piece of exercise equipment. I have used my boys at various weights for different exercises. When they were infants I would hold them out and do squats, put them in a carrier while I danced, lift them up and down for an arm work out, and do ab twists while holding them. Basically, they were used as medicine balls. They loved it and I fit in a workout. Now that they are older I give them airplane rides on my feet or legs for a great ab routine, bench press their bodies, do push up contests with them, play tag, and have raging dance parties. They get out their energy and I fit in some physical activity - a win-win situation. 
  • Meal plan: Ok, I am the LAST person who thought I would be able to do this, since I am not exactly a planner. But in attempt to not starve myself or my kids (oh yeah, and the hubs. He eats too.), I decided to take a stab at grocery shopping once a week and planning ahead. I have a bunch of super quick, easy, and healthy meals that I like to make.That means instead of opening up the fridge, staring for 5 minutes, giving up and ordering in pizza, I already know more or less what I am going to make. It also allows me to do some prep work during nap time or during the rare instances that my kids are playing quietly. 
  • Healthy Snacks: I stock up on not just snacks for the kids, but for MYSELF. Yes, you are a person too! I always have some yummy healthy snacks that I can grab on the go. Larabars, baby carrots, apples, whatever. And if my kid eats a fruit, I slice extra for myself. If I'm not prepared I usually end up munching on whatever random food I can get my hands on, so may as well have healthy options to grab.  
  • Carve out time for yourself: When my first son was about 4 months old, I had a major meltdown one day, screaming at my husband that I no longer had a life. Now this wasn't exactly true, but between the constant nursing and the lack of sleep, I basically felt like a zombie getting through the day. As a solution, we have instituted that one night a week is for ME. Just me. I get to do whatever I want.  I'll go to a yoga class, get my nails done, meet friends for dinner - doesn't matter, but I am off duty. It isn't always feasible that it is the same day every week, and some weeks are so crazy with plans or late work hours that it doesn't happen, but for the sake of my sanity, I need a couple hours to do WHATEVER I want. 
None of this is rocket science, but dealing with tiny humans gets crazy and taking care of ourselves falls to the bottom of the list. But as a wise momma once pointed out, just as you would on an airplane, you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others - so make sure you keep yourself healthy so that you can take care of your littles.  

Monday, November 20, 2017

7 Skin and hair must haves when you are on Accutane

A little while back I wrote about my healthy skin diet - the low-glycemic, high anti-oxidant, no dairy diet that helps with acne and makes your skin all glowy. After a year of not having ANY sugar, I really really wanted a cookie. Badly. So I did. And then I broke out. After a couple more test runs with a sweet here and there, I realized I may not be able to have sugar ever again if I don't want to break out. Finally I succumbed to my dermatologist's advice, and I went on Accutane (3rd time's a charm!!), and will be done with it next month. I have to say, my skin looks awesome. I am still on the diet for the most part, since I do feel better overall not having sugar or dairy, but I can finally have a sorbet after dinner if I want.

I figured I would share my top items that I have been using while on Accutane. I have been diligent about using them, which has kept the side effects to a minimum.
  1. Lip balm: Aquaphor.

    One of the first side effects of being on Accutane is your lips drying out. It takes chapped lips to another level. I have tried pretty much every single lip balm and keep coming back to Aquaphor. I keep some in each purse, by my bed, by the kitchen, and by the couch. There is no way to make it through a course of Accutane without some.

  2. Facial sunscreen: Elta MD UV Clear

    This stuff is my favorite sunscreen of all time.  I started Accutane in the summer, and while I use this everyday regardless, this sunscreen really is amazing. It goes on smooth, blends in well, looks great under makeup, and has a high enough SPF to really protect your skin.

  3.  Everyday sunscreen: Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion SPF15.

    Aveeno makes a great, unscented everyday body lotion that has SPF 15. It isn't for when you are really out in the sun on the beach, but it is perfect for walking around town.

  4. Heavy night cream:

    I have fallen in love with Cerave's skin renewing night cream. I would probably never dream of putting this on my face when I was acne ridden and oily, but right now it is exactly what I need. It is thick without being the least bit greasy, extremely well moisturizing, and I wake up with my skin feeling SO soft.

  5. Gentle face cleanser: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.

    This is another awesome product that I use all the time, but it really is a necessity when on Accutane. It is super gentle and removes make up like a breeze. It is a little counterintuitive to smear oil on your face to clean it, but this cleanser rinses totally clean leaving your face super soft and not the least bit oily.

  6. Heavy duty conditioner: Redken Diamond Oil Conditioner

    Accutane dries you out all over, including your hair. While I don't need to wash my hair for days now (which is all together amazing), this conditioner makes my hair silky and shiny.

  7. Hand lotion: Aveeno Skin Relief Hand Lotion

  8. Using hand lotion religiously is always important in the winter, but when you are on Accutane, it is crucial. Accutane makes your skin very sensitive, and since you use your hands all the time, you are more prone to nicks and cuts. This hand lotion is not just great at protecting your hands, but does a miraculous job healing the most chapped and cracked of skin.
On top of the products listed here, make sure you drink plenty of water and be gentle with your skin! 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Post C-section body: The shiz no one tells you

I could probably write a book or two about all the things that happen to women's bodies that no one prepares you for. But what I found the most shocking is what happened to my body after I had a c-section that no one told me about.  I'll post another day on the actual surgery and recovery, but for now I'll concentrate just on what happens appearance wise.

First things first, you may not have pushed a human out of your vagina, but that doesn't mean your lady parts don't get mangled. Your labia will swell up something crazy. It may not swell evenly. It may scare the bejesus out of you to even look down there. You will worry that this is what your lady bits will look like forever. I promise you, the swelling will go down! And quickly - give it a week or two, and your lady lips will be back to normal.

Then you take a gander down to your incision, which is a little scary. Just remember, your belly was CUT open and then a child was yanked out and then you got stapled or stitched back together (I had both done - no real difference either way).  You will have these surgi-strips along your incision, which come off on their own in about two weeks, and a thin line that is kind of smile shaped. It may look crooked in the beginning - not to worry,  you are swollen and your belly is all sorts of mush in the beginning. It evens out, and eventually the scar will be so thin that you kind of forget it's there.

Because of the vast amounts of fluids that are IVed into your body both before, during, and after surgery, your legs may swell up to tree trunks. The first 24 hours you have to wear these leg compression contraptions to prevent clotting since you are laid up. But after that, you may look down and realize that you no longer have ankles. Make sure you WALK as much as you can when you are in the hospital - it helps get those fluids moving and out of your body.

And your belly - oh the joys of the weird, squishy, enormous uterus post-partum belly. You expect to pop out that baby and then have your belly and uterus shrink back down just the way it was. Sadly, this does not happen (and if it happened to you, bravo!). Instead your belly becomes this like empty sack for a while. You will lay on your side and your belly just kind of flops over. But like everything else, this too shall pass. I'm not promising that your abs will return to their former glory, but that squishiness goes away as your uterus shrinks back. Think about it - your little uterus, usually the size of a small fist or pear, gets as big as a watermelon when you are pregnant. That doesn't reverse itself overnight (and if it did, again, good for you).

I could wax poetic about how it is amazing that you created a beautiful life, and that is what you should be concentrating on right after birth. And yes, much of that is true. But that is a disservice to  how much our bodies have been through, and how crazy it all feels at the time. It's okay to be freaked out! Take a deep breathe, sniff that baby head, and remember this too shall pass.

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