Friday, October 4, 2013

Sweating it out: Postpartum hot flashes!? It's not menopause, just baby fluid

It is the last month of your pregnancy. You have been making another human being for 9 months. Your ankles are GONE to be replaced with fluid filled cankles. Then the day finally comes and you expel said baby out, hold that amazing wonder in your arms, look down at your ankles, and realize they are STILL not there.

So baby is out, and ankles should be back, right? Not so much. You have to actually get rid of all that fluid. Some people pee it out, and others sweat it out.  And by sweat I mean, HOLY DRENCHING HOT FLASHES!

These joyous hot flashes are caused by your pregnancy hormones yet again, this time telling your body to get rid of all those extra fluids that you needed while creating another person.

You may find yourself waking up in the middle of the night completely soaked in sweat, only to wake up the next morning and see your ankles again. Phenomenal! For some, these sweat sessions happen only at night, for others they are happen throughout the day as well. And sometimes this may last for a week or so, and for others, for over a month.

Drinking lots of water, getting your body moving, sleeping on a towel (with an extra set of pjs/nursing tops nearby) is the best way to get through this fascinating postpartum phase. Just think that with every hot flash that you are one step closer to having ankles that don't resemble tree trunks.

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