Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sex shouldn't hurt

Ladies, if you are looking at the title of this post and thinking to yourself, "Yeah right. It always hurts," then listen up. There are many reasons why you could be experiencing painful sex, with real medical conditions that could be causing it.

First things first. If your lady parts aren't nice and lubed up, sex is going to hurt. Foreplay, lube, and some relaxation can go a long way. But sometimes it is much more serious than that, and you may need more than a little extra hanky panky and KY.

Some things to consider:
  • Lady parts infection: yeast and bacterial infections can make your lady parts feel like they are on FIRE during sex, and not in a good way. Various sexually transmitted diseases can be the culprit too, including genital warts, herpes, and sores.
  • Vaginismus, or vaginal muscle spasms, means that your vagina just clams right up, creating a no-go zone for sex. 
  • Issues with your cervix (making deep penetration hurt), ovaries (those pesky cysts), endometriosis (read all about it here), or your uterus (such as fibroids). 
  • Babies: if you just had one, you should wait at least 6 weeks to let your lady parts heal. You did just push a child out of there.
And finally, you may have something called vulvodynia, which is when you have pain in the area around the opening of your vagina. They have no idea what causes this, but it leads to burning and irritation so bad that having sex becomes simply unthinkable or a form of torture. Since there is no known cause, there is no known cure, but there are various ways that it can be treated. 

Bottom line, if the very thought of sex makes you want to cross your legs, run across the room, and grimace, give your lady parts doctor a ring and make an appointment. It may be embarrassing (even other lady part docs get shy when they need to talk about their own painful sex life) but sex should be awesome and never painful (well, unless you like it that way, and that is a topic for another day). 

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