Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our quest for the perfect vagina

Following up on my post where I discussed the many shapes and sizes of lady parts, there is now a British documentary called The Perfect Vagina, which Lisa Rogers looks into the world of vaginal cosmetic surgery. You can watch the whole documentary here.

For those that follow this blog, you know that I think that women should learn to love their lady parts, and that lady parts should remain as they are, looking, smelling, and behaving like lady parts. Not plastic barbie lady parts that smell like roses without a nary a nether hair out of place. That is not real life, and it is absurd that many women are in constant worry about making sure their vagina fits some sort of unrealistic prototype. There was a woman who posted recently on Vagina Pagina, worried about moving in with her boyfriend and how she can make sure that she never loses the vaginal fresh scent all day long, going as far as asking if she should shower twice a day, load up on pineapple juice, use scented wipes, and nether groom daily. The lovely ladies on the board quickly informed her that these actions were unnecessary and possibly harmful to her lady parts, but it rehashed my earlier worries about our need for lady part perfection.

Now, I know some men have issues with their members (check out My Penis and Everyone Elses), but women  seem to take it to extremes; "chopping up their bits"as Lisa Rogers phrases it. There is a remarkable increase in labiaplasty and vaginal cosmetic surgery in general, making me wonder, what's next? And whose version of "normal" or "perfect" are these women trying to achieve?

That is all I am going to impart for now, but I am very curious as to what your reactions are on the matter. Have we gone too far in our pursuit of perfection? As the Joy from About Face points out, what is next, designer sexy organs?

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