Thursday, December 22, 2011

The single best thing you can do for you health

Happy Holidays everyone!! As we wrap up a wonderful year, and start thinking about what we would like our 2012 to look like, the question becomes, what is the SINGLE best thing you can do for your health. Thankfully, Dr. Mike Evans has put on this kick ass video to tell us exactly what it is that we can do: 

Hope you all enjoy this video as much as I did. Share it with your loved ones this holiday season - it truly is the best gift you can give them (not to mention, inexpensive!).

Wishing you health and happiness for the new year,


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Painful boobs

Sometimes the girls throw a temper tantrum. Yup, those girls. The twins if you will. They can be achy, sensitive, and annoying. While many of us have hurty boobs around "that time of the month", sometimes they just hurt. The question is, why are my boobs hurting, is this normal, or should I do something about it?

The ladies over at Gyno Gab went over some reasons why your boobs may hurt, and when you should seek out help from your lady parts doctor:

  • Am I knocked up?  Probably not. Although women's websites are always filled with "Am I pregnant" questions. If your boobs hurt, and  you could be pregnant, just go out and get a home pregnancy test so that you know for sure. 
  • Is my latte addiction causing my boobs to hurt? Several studies have shown a connection between the two. Since being a caffeine junkie isn't that great for you anyway, cut back and see if that helps. 
  • Will taking birth control pills help?  Sometimes yes, since steady hormones help boob pain, although starting a new hormone regimen can cause boobs to hurt even more in the beginning. 
  • My boobs are killing me, I need pharmaceutical intervention! If they are that bad, give your lady parts doctor a call. You can also try Advil or Tylenol to see if that helps. 
  • Only one of my boobs hurt! Since most normal boob pain is in both of the girls, if only one of your boobs hurts, call your lady parts doctor. 
  • My partner likes to play rough with my boobs during sex, and now they hurt. While rough sex can cause some discomfort, if they are really hurting and there is bruising, perhaps time to check in with your lady parts doctor. 
  • Can there be some sort of infection? Yup. If the skin on your around your boobs are red, warm, or feels funny, give a call ASAP to your doctor. 
And there you have it folks.  Boob pain can be totally normal, since those girls can be mighty finicky, but if it seems out of the ordinary for YOUR particular boobs, do a little self exam, and give your lady parts doctor a call. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What is the deal with Yaz and Yasmin?

Two popular birth control pills have been making headlines recently - Yaz and Yasmin. Touted for their ability to have lower side effects than other birth controls and ability to help curb PMS symptoms and acne, Yaz and Yasmin have drospirenone, a synthetic form of progesterone (progesterin). Drospirenone is one  of several different types of progestins that are used in birth control.

So what is all the hoopla about? As many of you know, ALL birth control pills come with an increased risk of causing blood clots. This risk is higher if you smoke. In specific medical terms, what you are more at risk for is a deep vein thrombosis (DVT), where a blood clot forms inside a vein and then can travel throughout your body (this is bad if it gets into your lungs or your heart or your brain).

Recently, several studies have found that Yaz and Yasmin put women at a higher risk of blood clots compared to other birth controls. In particular, one study of 835,000 women (which is A LOT of women) commissioned by the FDA found a TWO-fold increase in blood clots in women using Yaz and Yasmin. Yesterday, the FDA had a huge meeting and after hours and hours of debate, finally decided to keep Yaz and Yasmin on the market, by a narrow vote, stating that the benefits of these birth control pills outweigh the risk.

While I am not going to discount the FDA, since clearly they have had a much closer look at the data, for those of you on these two birth controls, make sure you become better informed about them. Perhaps give a shout out to your lady parts doctor and discuss these findings and possible alternative birth control pills. Every medication has benefits and risk associated with it, but is important that you understand what those pros and cons are and make your own informed decision.

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