Monday, November 7, 2011

Your Cervix: A wealth of information right at your fingertips

I have so many things to share with you all since my last post! But before I share all the juicy bits I learned at the American Public Health Association conference, I realized I may need to go back to basics and do a little Lady Parts biology 101. Today we will learn all about the cervix!

Your cervix is that thing you hit at the end of your vagina. And no, your vagina isn't endless and doesn't link up to your belly button. The cervix separates your vagina from your uterus. It is in the shape of a cylinder or a cone, and moves around during your cycle depending on your body's needs. Ladies, if you want to know a thing or two about your lady parts, it is time you make friends with your cervix.

For the most part, your cervix hangs out kinda low, and is firm, like the tip of your nose. But right around the time that you are going to ovulate, it becomes a little smushier and higher to allow those spermy swimmies to get to where they need to go.

Also, your cervical mucus can tell you oodles too. Sounds gross, right? Your discharge (that stuff you find in your undies or when you wipe after you pee), is really your cervical mucus, and that too changes throughout the month. When you aren't ovulating it should be kinda thick, whitish in color. Or you can be not really having any discharge at all. Right around when you are about to ovulate, it becomes gooey, almost like an egg white. If you put some on your fingers and try to separate it, it just keeps on stretches. This is when you are uber fertile! That slimy stuff is a perfect sperm taxi to your eggs.

If you are either trying to get preggers or avoiding it all together - get to know your cervix and start paying attention to how it is throughout the month. It truly is a wealth of information right at your finger tips!

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