Thursday, November 10, 2011

The uterus, also known as the oven to bake the bun.

We often hear the phrase, "bun in the oven," but what exactly is the oven?? The oven, my friends, is the uterus. And this uterus of ours is pretty nifty.  It is where we bake the babies. It supports other organs like the bladder and the bowel. It has lots of arteries veins and ligament and is muscular.

So remember that cervix that you now know all about? Well that cervix is at the base of the uterus, kind of like a head is attached to the neck and is pear shaped. When you aren't preggers, the uterus is itty bitty, just a few centimeters in diameter. And when you are baking the bun, well, you see how big bellies get - that is all uterus!

The uterus is made up of several layers, the endometrium being in innermost lining. It is the layer that builds up throughout your cycle, and sheds itself if you do

n't get knocked up (aka, having your period). That endometrium provides a nice cozy spot for a little embryo to settle and all the nourishment it gets comes from the blood vessels that are made just for this purpose.

And, your uterus can orgasm too. Yup. Usually from that elusive g-spot, but can also from vaginal, this shaky shaky contractions are a deeper, longer, and more emotional climax. Yes, now you are all going to try to have one tonight :).

Like I said, the uterus is a pretty nifty organ. Sure, they cause super fun menstrual cramps, but hey, they bake babies and awesome orgasms in there too!

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