Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The many shapes and sizes of lady parts

Our lady parts come in a variety of flavors. After reading an interesting blog post on Our Bodies Our Blog, and a recent labia post-a-thon on Scarleteen, I realized that many ladies are simply uncomfortable with their lovely lady lips. They think they are weird, or ugly, or abnormal. Since much of what we learn about how lady parts look are distorted by the media and pornography, few women have a realistic view as to the wide range of healthy female genitalia.

Start by taking a look here at Scarleteen, with their I'll Show You Mine series (warning folk, this link is NOT safe for work. Unless you work in the health or porn industries). Take a gander at some of the variety of experiences women have had with their lady parts, and all the different ways they look. There is even a book now called I'll Show You Mine that shows stories and  pictures of unairbrushed, unfiltered women's genitalia.

As Lissa Rankin pointed out in her Love Your Labia post, "Let me just say once and for all that if you’re one of those women (or men) who are wondering why some women have short lips tucked up inside and some women have long lips that hang out, EITHER WAY, YOU’RE NORMAL AND YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!"

And, unlike the penis, the appearance of our lady parts changes. Sexual arousal, hormones, and bodily changes can affect how your labia looks, causing swelling and color changes. Some labias are smooth, some are frilly (like ruffles). Some are short, some are long. Some are pink, purple, tan, brown, and blue. Some are the same length throughout, and some are short in some places and longer in others.

Bottom line, whatever you got going on down there, embrace it! Accept your lady parts as they are, and learn about how they work, and how they should be treated (with love and respect)!

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