Tuesday, October 11, 2011

icontraception: if we spent as much money and time on contraception as we did on phones

With the frenzy of the new iphone release and the death of Steve Jobs, it has been making me wonder what we could do if we focused our efforts on reproductive health as much as we do on our phones. After reading this great article on RH Reality Check, it made me realize just how far behind we are on contraceptives. 

Truth be told, around 70 percent of women are using contraception methods that have been around since the 1950s. Yes, the Nuvaring and the patch are new additions to the mix, but for the most part the underlying premise is the same. It is as if we were still using this:
as our phone. Technology changes, and people demand more stuff in small packages. So why can't we do the same with our contraception?

How great would it be to have a simple to use birth control method that also protected you from STDs and didn't smell like rubber? What about a birth control that didn't pollute our waterways with estrogen? What if MEN could also take a pill for contraception? Even better, what if you could go into a store and just buy yourself some birth control off the shelf, right next to the condoms and cough medicine? 

And really, why not hope for these things, ask for these things? As Kirsten Moore of RH Reality Check pointed out:it was the synergy of consumer demand and technological innovation that gave us these incredible little devices. Isn’t it about time we did the same for contraception? Why should our smart phones be sexier than sex?"

Just my rambling for the day...would love to hear your thoughts as well!

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