Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to feel your boobies: The art of the self breast exam

It's October which means cooler weather, pumpkin picking, and boobs. Yes, boobs. October is breast cancer awareness month, and I figured I would remind you lovelies how to check your breasts every month.

First of all, get to know your boobs well. That way, if anything changes, you will notice. Secondly, you should give yourself a good feel up once a month - just after your period ends, on day 6 of your cycle (day 1 is the first day of your period).

Checking yourself out in the shower is probably the easiest since you are in there naked to begin with, hopefully on a regular basis. Use the pads of three fingers to basically "finger walk" up and down your boob like a little lawnmower. Make sure you not only check your boob itself, but also around your boob from your armpit to your collar bone and your underboob, as well as your nipple.

What are you supposed to be feeling for? Any lumps, but also skin puckering, a change in size or shape, redness or swelling, and any liquid from your nipples (this might be best to check out of the shower). You find anything funky - give your lady parts doctor a ring right away.

Lovers of ladies, you too can help with this cause as you are often quite familiar with the breastscape of your lady love. You feel anything weird or unusual - alert your lady and make sure she gets it checked out.

Spread the word - check out checkyourboobies.org for more info!

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