Friday, September 9, 2011

What to do when you miss your birth control pill

OMG! You totally forgot to take your birth control pill yesterday. You could have sworn you took it, but then the phone rang, or the latest episode of the Bachelor came on, or maybe you popped the pill out of the pack and it went flying, never to be found again. And while some of us are religious about taking their pill - having the equivalent of a three car alarm to remind them to take it at the same time every day (you know who you are) - sometimes life gets a little messy and we forget to take the pill. I would say a large number of posts onVagina Pagina's community page are about ladies freaking out because they missed a pill. 

missing birth control pills
What is one to do (other than call me in a panic)? First, off, don't freak out. It's not going to help. And no, you aren't pregnant because you forgot to take the pill yesterday and you just happened to have sex last night too. For most types of birth control pills, just take one as soon as you realize that your forgot (it is okay to take two in one day), and if you so happened to forget to take it for two days (!!), take two the first day and two the second and you should be golden. If you are still worried about it, use condoms for the rest of the month to give yourself peace of mind, and maybe give a ring into your lady parts doc to run things by them.

This situation happen regularly? Maybe time to switch up your method of contraception. Talk to your lady parts doc about the Nuvaring or IUDs as an alternative to the daily pill taking regimen.

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