Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reasons to use Birth Control other than controlling birth

Many of us use hormonal birth control (HBC) because we don't want to get knocked up. Some use hormonal birth control because otherwise their periods would be all over the place and anywhere in between.

The gals at Gyno Gab listed 10 other reasons to use hormonal birth control:

1. Control heavy bleeding : yup, you can have much lighter periods when you are on HBC.
2. Control menstrual cramps : tired of being in the fetal position during your period? HBC can help with that too.
3. Control of acne: feel like an awkward teenager going through puberty because your skin hasn't caught up to your age? Hormones may be the culprit, and HBC can help tame those pimplies.
4. Less PMS: HBC can take out the beast in you during that time of the month.
5. Better bones: estrogen helps keeps bones strong and healthy.
6. Lowers risk for uterine cancer: the protective effect increases the longer you are on HBC and continues many years after you stop taking it.
7. Lowers risk for ovarian cancer: After just one year on HBC, you lower your risk for ovarian cancer by 10-12%, and after 5 years you lower your risk by approximately 50 percent.
8. Less pelvic inflammatory disease:it is thought that since HBC thickens cervical mucus it acts as a barrier to infections that cause PID.
9. Lower risk for colon cancer: HBC lowers levels of certain digestive chemicals that are thought to cause cells to become cancerous at high levels.
10.Fewer fibrocystic breast changes: if you get lumpy boobs in relation to your cycle, HBC can help lower the hormones that cause these cystic changes.

There are lots of reasons to take hormonal birth control. Have a discussion with your lady parts doctor on what kind of birth control would be right for you.


  1. I have never been a fan of taking hormones if it can be avoided. It just doesn't make logical sense to me that it is a good idea to trick your body into thinking it's pregnant all the time. Like they did with menopause hormones, I think the researchers atr going to reverse their stance on hormonal birth control one day. Why medicate something that is a natural female life process?

  2. I guess they are not reasons per say, but added benefits of using birth control. I certainly would not recommend people using hormones just to lower PID risk or something like that. But if you are going to use contraception, there are some perks above other birth control methods. HBC though, has its drawbacks too - that I will save for another post :)


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