Thursday, September 15, 2011

IUDs protecting against pregnancy and cervical cancer!!

I have said it before, and I'll say it again : IUDs rock. They are uber protective against pregnancy - the most effective form of contraception, short of sterilization.

And now, in a study of nearly 20,000 women, IUDs were found to lower cervical cancer risk by 45! Now, bear in mind, there was no protective effect for IUDS in women that had HPV - so make sure that you either get the vaccine, or get checked out regularly.

 What is kind of interesting about this finding is that the investigators found no difference in the protective effect by years of use. So women who used it for only a short period of time had the same level of protection as those women who have used it for a decade.

Scientists think that the mechanism of protection has something to do with the inflammatory response in the cervix and a long lasting immune response to clear HPV infections and lesions.

Good stuff, right? All together another reason to consider an IUD. If you are looking for a great, safe, longer term birth control option, that also protects against cervical cancer, talk to your lady parts doc about an IUD

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