Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bleeding after sex: totally normal or worth freaking out about?

Up on various lady part centric websites and boards, you will usually find a whole lot of question on bleeding after sex. So, what gives? And should you be freaking about it?

First, in a large review study (a meta-analysis if you will), around 5-6% of women have post-coital bleeding. Rest assured that you are not alone if you do experience this.

But more importantly, why is it happening? Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news ladies, but there are a range of lady part issues that can be associated with bleeding after sex:

  • Around 25 to 30 percent of bleeding can be caused by having fragile cervical tissue. In case you forgot were your cervix is, it is that spongy tissue at the end of your vagina that separates it from your uterus (see here for more info). Your cervix can be a little sensitive if you are young, on birth control, or are preggers. 
  • About 12 percent of bleeding after sex is associated with cervical polyps (little red growths that can be easily removed during an exam with that plastic duck thing, aka, the speculum), endometrial polyps or uterine fibroids (which can be seen with an ultrasound). 
  • Infections are the culprit in about 5% of the cases of post coital bleeding. Gonorrhea and chlamydia (which is not a flower) can cause cervical bleeding, as can bacterial vaginosis. 
  • Funky hormones can also cause bleeding after sex. About 35% of women that have bleeding are on some form of hormones. Also, conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), thyroid issues, and obesity can all mess around with your hormones that can overly thicken the lining inside your uterus, causing it to bleed after sex.

Basically ladies, if you always bleed after sex (even if you like it on the rougher side), make an appointment with your lady parts doctor to get it checked out. It can be totally nothing, or it can be a sign of something more  serious. 


  1. I've just broken my virginity n i ddnt use protection.Next time me and my bf had sex we used it and its hurting me.
    Is this normal?


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  3. I have been on depo for the past 5 years. I never had my period or any spotting while on it nor bleed after intercourse. 2 weeks ago I had intercourse and I started bleeding (spotting, really) the next day. I am not dye for my shot for another 4 weeks. It hasn't stopped. Should I be concerned?

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  5. I have been spotting these past few days after me & my boyfriend have sex . It stops but then comes back . Is that normal or should I be worried ?

  6. After i have sex with my bf i bleed a little. I am usually in pain when we start i have know idea why! Kinda worried why i hurt?

  7. A couple things - make sure you have enough lube to get things going. If the pain and bleeding still continue even with things good and lubed up, then I suggest you go to your lady parts doc and get things checked out. It could be nothing, but it could be something that needs to be taken care of.

  8. I've been having sex for a few years now so I'm not a virgin, but for the first time ever I bled after having sex and it just happen. I'm on birth control pills I don't know if that makes a difference but this is the first time it's happened and I'm scared.

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