Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Push-up bras for tweens: The downside of hoochifying our girls

There has been a trend in girls' fashion these days and it is all about making young girls look like their much older counterparts with a dash of hoochiness.

This great article highlights just how awry our idea of what is appropriate for young girls has gone. Apparently it is all the rage these days to get push up bras in the juniors section.

Now none of this is shocking news - we have been over sexualizing our young girls for quite some time now. But check out this commercial for Aeropostale's lingerie line, Aerie : Double Whoa. I mean, really? Fifteen year old prancing around in underwear commercials seems, well, icky to me. And secondly, why oh why do fifteen year olds need to increase their boob size by 2 cups!

Why is this a problem? According to a report to the American Psychological Association, sexualization is different than normal sexual development. Sexualization is when someone is valued only for their sexual appeal or behavior, they are sexually objectified (made into something for other's sexual use), they are held to a standard in which "attractiveness" is equal to sexiness, and sexuality is imposed on a person. Any one of these is a indication of sexualization. We can see why this can be a problem for kids, especially when adult sexuality is being put on them, which is not age appropriate and not chosen by them.

Sexualization has been linked to eating disorders, low self esteem, and depression. It has lead girls to have diminished sexual health and assertiveness. And it places the emphasis on their appearance actually does take away from their ability to focus on what is really important - like math!

For some of us late bloomers, we probably would have done anything to get boobies (or the appearance thereof), when we were 15. But not having them, and not being able to focus on what having them meant, allows girls to continue being children, to continue their sheltered little existence for a couple years longer. And that meant focusing on getting A's, dancing, volunteering, going to DNA camp (yes, some of us were that dorky), and all the other things that young girls should be doing other than buying push up bras.

So, in my humble opinion, I don't think we should be buying push up bras for tweens. It screws with what they think healthy sexuality should be. God knows it is hard enough to balance femininity, sexuality, later on in life. Let girls be girls!


  1. The fit is perfect and it lifts and gives lots of clevage. Barely there bras also super comfortable and looks real.

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