Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Could it be?! A birth control for men?!

I have always thought that  the bodily hormonal burden that us women face is kinda unfair. Between bleeding out of our crotch, mood swings, breakouts, and pushing a something the size of a watermelon out of your own body, the whole thing seems kind of skewed. Yes, men don't get go enjoy the experience of pregnancy and all that, but really, they have very little to do when it comes to controlling reproduction.

Turns out the folks at my old stomping ground, Columbia, have been working on something that might actually stick when it comes to male contraception. They found that a compound that screws with the receptors of vitamin A metabolites seems to cause reversible sterility in mice, with no affect on libido! The mice were mating away happily, without knocking  up any lady mice, and then once they stopped taking the meds, all was restored. Read more about it here.

This could be very exciting people!! Mind you, this will take years to come out onto the market, if it really does work, but hey, a lady and her lady parts like to have something to look forward to.Fingers crossed that mice and men are equal in this case!


  1. But ... but ... I like my Vitamin A metabolites :(


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