Wednesday, July 20, 2011

10 Things You Can Do For Your Sexual Self

I came across this great post at Scarleteen, a sex ed website, and thought I would share. It is about 10 things you can do for your sexual self, and while it is geared towards those that are a wee bit younger than I am (yes, I am going for wee. I mean, I still feel like I am young teenager, so whatever, close enough), there are some good things for us ladies to remember at any age.

My favorites include:
 - Stop hating your body. Most of us fall victim to this at one point or another and it often gets tangled in our sex lives.
- Sex should be fun and pleasurable. I know, shocking right! Yes, it should be something that you enjoy, and if it isn't, try to figure out why.
- Become a sexpert. I am writing this blog for a reason!! We should all be educated about our bodies and what is going on down there.

The whole list is great, and is a wonderful reminder of how to take charge of your sex life by taking care of who you are as a sexy, healthy, educated person.

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