Wednesday, July 6, 2011

10 Exercise Myths

Spot reducing fat is a myth. Unless you tackle your body fat, your ab crunches may not help.

While many of you may have seen this posting on, I thought I would share since I found it quite enlightening.

For example, apparently the calorie thingy on the cardio machine is nonsense. I usually just do intervals and go by the distance, rather than the calories, but good to know that I was right to not pay attention to that number at all.

Also of note, a recent study showed that stretching actually doesn't prevent injuries. Who knew!

Hope this helps you reach your workout goals! Happy exercising!

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  1. First things first: thanks for writing this blog. I am a bit tired of the "here's a new recipe favorite" or "New local hot spots" type blogs.
    So when it comes to stretching, perhaps it doesn't prevent injuries but I have found that it often prevents soreness after a long run.


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