Monday, May 23, 2011

Woo Hoo! Smoke free NYC!

For those New Yorkers out there, the smoking ban in public parks and beaches started today!
Wonderful news for those of us that like to enjoy the great outdoors that New York City has to offer without inhaling second hand smoke at the same time.

When the smoking ban in restaurants and bars started in 2003, I remember the controversial nature of the ban and how many businesses were afraid that they would no longer have smoking customers. Clearly that didn't happen, and the anti-smoking indoors trend spread throughout the world. It is just lovely to be able to enjoy a yummy meal and a glass of wine and not come back smelling like an ashtray.

The Parks Department in New York City has done SUCH an amazing job of revamping public spaces that it will be even better to enjoy them in all their glory.

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