Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easy thing to do for your health #3: Put the cigarette down

Ladies, smoking is so 1997. Really, it is gross and it makes you smell bad. If you are one of the few people that didn't get the memo, smoking is horrendous for your health, and well, super icky. Who wants to be around someone who is coughing up phlegm balls? Save your money on buying fancy healthy stuff at Whole Foods and get yourself some Nicorette first. And the best part is that if you quit smoking you can actually reduce your risk for the bagillion diseases to nearly that of nonsmokers within a couple years. Go ahead, throw those ciggies out - and when you can breathe freely, have pretty glowing skin, smell like roses, and have the energy of a bunny, you can thank me!


  1. If people need help quitting smoking, the American Lung Association can help!

  2. also free nicotine replacements and personal quit coaching:

  3. It's not just respiratory and pulmonary health that gets affected with smoking, dental health, too, gets a beating with smoking.


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