Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Natural Cures for the Itchies

Getting the itchies in the lady parts is no fun. For anyone who has had a yeast infection, you know the joys of having your vagina throw a temper tantrum. So, what to do about it? This question comes up quite frequently in online communities (such as vagina pagina, my personal fave), and many people rave about natural medicines such as garlic and yogurt suppositories. Yes ladies, I mean sticking yogurt and/or garlic up your hoo-ha.

Clearly intrigued, I decided to see if there was any studies on the topic. After scouring PubMed for academic papers on natural remedies for yeast infections, I have learned that there is very little data out there. Mice studies have shown that garlic is an effective treatment for yeast infections, and yogurt has long been known as a helpful probiotic (although again, no study has actually conclusively shown this). But as to whether or not you should use the natural remedies instead of going to the pharmacy and grabbing a monistat or calling your doc for a diflucan, well, the jury is still out.

Many have said that the yogurt suppositories may help, and certainly cannot harm, so that may be worth giving a try. Garlic may actually irritate (ow!), so that may be something to be weary of (apparently you are supposed to peel but not nick the garlic and then use a gauze wrapping before inserting).

Personally, I'm not so into sticking useful cooking items into my lady parts, but hey, that's just me. Anyone have any tried and true remedies?

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  1. *scratches hoo-hah* this *scratches again* is a very important topic!!! unfortunately i dont have any effective "natural" treatment remedies ...but my $13.99 monistat is a lifesaver...if duane reade went back to the old point system id be rich!!

    anyway, if we were to expand this discussion to think about effective prevention strategies id have some input.... i dont know the science on this but what works for me is 1) consuming mass quantities of cranberry juice, daily. 2) sleeping in the buff...okay just no panties but why not go all the way...(your partner will thank me) 3) avoiding --at all costs-- washing "down there" with a scented anything (bath soap, tampon, body wash i use only non scented summers eve feminine wash) and my favorite 4) mastering the art of the front to back wipe.

    runner up suggestion: buy new panties regularly. we all have our favorite pair but some forms of bacteria can survive a regular wash/dry cycle. so, out with the old and in with the new might save you in the long run.

    #thingsiwishmymotherwouldhavetoldme #lessonslearnedtheitchyscratchyway


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