Monday, April 4, 2011

Checking that all the parts are working

It is often asked how often do we REALLY need to see the OB/GYN if we aren't having any pressing issues. For me, even though I adored my lady parts doc, the schlep and hassle of dealing with what is often a 15 minute appointment would often cause the visit to be shoved down on my to-do list. It's not like having a giant metal device crammed in your vajayjay and being felt up in an exam room is the most pleasurable of experiences (although if it is, more power to you!).

Nevertheless, there are some important reasons to suck it up and get your coochie checked yearly:

  • If you are having sex, probably should make sure that you STI free. Even if you are in what you think is a monogamous relationship, a little blood work and swab is important to make 100% certain that no one is bringing cooties to the bedroom.

  • Pap smear - Cervical cancer is bad. And since the cells that line the cervix are more prone to grow funky, this is important to get done yearly. Also, if you have HPV (pretty common infection in the prevaccine days), this is uber important to get done on a regular basis.

  • Getting the boobies checked is important, especially if you aren't so good at doing a self breast exam and if you have cystic or lumpy breasts that make it difficult to really know what is going on in there.

  • For prescriptions for lady parts stuff like birth control, you do need to go to the doc, and it is good to check in and see how you are doing on these meds. There are always new options and choices and research, so discussing these things with your doctor are good, especially if you are less than thrilled with how you are feeling.

Of course, if you have anything itchy, hurty, scratchy, smelly, or icky going on down there, make an appointment asap! I found this little chart from that is VERY helpful to remind you what you should be asking and thinking about before you go to the lady parts doc: Yearly visit talking points So for all of you that have been slacking on visiting the lady parts doc, have this little blog post be a reminder and go and make an appointment today!

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